‘Building the concept of research impact literacy’ – article free to access until 31/8/21

In 2017, Julie Bayley (LILI, Lincoln) and David Phipps (York University, Toronto) wrote the original article “Building the concept of research impact literacy“. First published online, the full article was one of the most highly cited articles published in Evidence & Policy 2019 – 2020.

The article covers the need for impact literacy, the basic principles of ‘what, who and how’, and the need to strengthen impact literacy at both individual and institutional levels.

To celebrate the journal’s growing success, they have released a free collection of highly cited articles, available until 31 August 2021. As part of this, you can download “Building the concept of research impact development” free until then here.

The follow up article – “Extending the concept of research impact literacy” – covers ethics of impact, institutional health, and a need to ground all impact work on an understanding of ‘why’. This paper is continually free to access here,