Mission Statement

Our Mission

LILI, Lincoln Impact Literacy Institute, is the University of Lincoln’s strategic unit for impact.

The University of Lincoln is committed not only to purposeful research, but also to driving critical understanding of how research leads to impact. LILI responds to our ambition to produce outstanding research to enhance our regional economy, social fabric and cultural life, and to contribute to solving global societal challenges.

Within a sector so often dominated by impact-as-assessment, LILI focuses on impact literacy and rebalancing discussions about how to embed impact into institutional practice. This includes informing and disrupting traditional paradigms, developing critical discourse, and strengthening impact provision, culture and sustainability across the sector.

Through co-production, strong robust relationships with societal interest groups, adaptability to our ever changing ecosystem, knowledge mobilisation and connectivity to the wider society, impact is central to reframing Universities’ core activities and the place and purpose of Higher Education in our globalised society. Impact literacy must take centre stage as one of the foundations upon which the concept of permeable University rests.

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