Institutional Health

Whilst it is vital that individuals have the opportunity to fully understand impact, the organisational environment plays a key role in supporting impact. We focus on five areas of institutional management which, if addressed, contribute to healthier approaches to impact and support a more positive and embedded institutional culture.

The Five C’s of Institutional Impact Health

  1. CommitmentThe extent to which the organisation is committed to impact through strategy, systems, staff development and integrating impact into research and education processes.
  2. ConnectivityThe extent to which the organisational units work together, how they connect to an overall strategy, and how cohesive these connections are.
  3. CoproductionHow clearly staff within the institution understand impact, how impact extends beyond traditional expectations of academic research, and their role in delivering impact.
  4. CompetenciesThe impact-related skills and expertise within the institution, development of those skills across individuals and teams, and value placed on impact-related specialisms
  5. ClarityThe extent of, and quality of, engagement with non-academics for to generate impactful research and meaningful effects.

The Five C’s of Institutional Health are outlined in our paper and our Institutional Health workbook.