Julie Bayley receives ARIS 2022 “Impact Innovations Award”

Director of LILI, Dr Julie Bayley, has received an international award from the Center for Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS) for her work in driving impact literacy.

ARIS is a US based organisation working with US and international scientists and engagement practitioners to build capacity, advance scholarship, grow partnerships and provide resources to help them engage with and demonstrate the impact of research within their communities and society. Founded in September 2018 and housed at the University of Missouri, with support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the ARIS Center emphasizes support for serving traditionally underserved populations while providing inclusive public engagement to ensure a diverse science workforce. ARIS is home to a thriving community of practice including more than 1,000 members.

ARIS Awards recognize researchers and practitioners undertaking exemplary work in the societal impact of research and higher education. Each year, nominations are made in a series of categories and reviewed by an ARIS panel, with winners announced at the annual summit. Nominations are judged on four criteria:

  • Commitment to ensuring that research benefits society;
  • Alignment with the goals of NSFs broader impacts criterion or with other definitions/frameworks for societal impact of research.
  • Evidence of impact (quantitative or qualitative) in the work of the nominee(s).
  • Advancement in raising awareness about, growing, and sustaining the consideration of and attention to societal impacts in conducting research, and in translating discoveries

The “Impact Innovations” category recognizes recipients for demonstrated leadership in the development and scaling of new policies, processes, and tactics for achieving societal impact, including innovative approaches to engagement, translation, measurement, and other strategic areas.

Presented at the 2022 ARIS summit (May 24th 2022), the award citation states:

Dr Bayley is an internationally renowned expert in research impact who has been making significant contributions to the field. While most of her work is in the United Kingdom it has been taken up and implemented around the world. She has developed and continues to refine the innovative concept and associated tools of Research Impact Literacy. Impact Literacy helps researchers and impact practitioners understand how to create impact, assess what impacts have occurred, and develops the skills needed by the people who catalyze impact. Impact Literacy is an innovation that is being further developed in the Lincoln Impact Literacy Institute through Bayley’s scholarship and practice.

After receiving the award, Julie said:

“Impact Literacy and Institutional Health are central to the work of LILI, and this award reflects the importance of our continuing collective efforts in driving meaningful benefits for society. It’s a huge honour to be recognised by such a major impact organisation, particularly to be acknowledged by peers who share the same values on social change”