“The power of nurses in research”. New blog in Evidence-Based Nursing

A new blog by LILI director Julie Bayley emphasises the importance of nurses in research, and encourages nurses to get involved in research if they aren’t already.

Emphasising the unique role of nurses in research, Julie outlines numerous ways in which nurses are key, including:

  1. Understanding what matters to patients. A person is far more than their illness, and with such direct patient contact, nurses are pivotal in looking beyond clinical outcome measures, and into how health affects a person’s life.
  2. Understanding how to mobilise and implement new knowledge. Nurses are paramount for understanding engagement with, consequences of, and system pressures inherent to research implementation
  3. Driving research. Nurses, of course, also drive research itself, devising and running studies, and working both independently and collaboratively across the health system.

To read the blog in full, visit the BMJ Evidence Based Nursing blog here:

The power of nurses in research: understanding what matters and driving change – Evidence-Based Nursing blog (bmj.com)